Wibbell Productions in association with Sonic Blossom present an Allin Kempthorne film starring

Welcome to Bloody Island - A desolate place off the jagged rocks of Cornwall,
where the villagers talk in hushed tones of Vampires, Werewolves and Virgins.

Morticia de'Ath

Vampires, Werewolves and Virgins!... They've never been so much fun!

In a crumbling castle clinging to a rocky, isolated island off the English coast, Morticia de'Ath, a vampire noblewoman and her zombie henchman Grunt, are concocting a sinister plan.
Aided by misguided alchemist, Doctor N. Sane, they aim to discover the magical cure for vampires to become immune to the deadly rays of sunlight!
However, one essential ingredient remains missing, an ingredient only available from an innocent and unknowing girl living in far away London, Susan Swallows.

If you like your horror coupled with laughs, if you miss the old British low-budget vampire films of the Hammer days, if you want to see the film already being hailed as a "cult classic", then you will enjoy "The Vampires of Bloody Island".

"The Vampires of Bloody Island" is a new feature film, already being called a cult classic vampire comedy, starring Scream Queen Pamela Kempthorne (Harry Potter), along with Oliver Gray (The Bill, Illyria), Leon Hamilton (Wizard Theatre) and in his feature film debut, John Snelling.

Directed by Allin Kempthorne, the comedy vampire film is the first feature produced under the Weird World Of Wibbell banner from Independent British studio/producers Wibbell Productions.

"The Vampires of Bloody Island" is a modern comic take on the British Hammer Vampire films of the 1970's, and has been likened to an adult Addams Family or Tim Burton film.

The film had a limited cinema release in England and Scotland and is available now on DVD in the UK, Europe, Australia, USA and Canada.