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Essex, UK - 14th January 2014



Many of us are used to buying used cars and houses, and second hand furniture, but even in these times of austerity and penny-pinching, would anyone actually go so far as to buy a used (and rather dirty) old coffin?

That's what Essex actor Allin Kempthorne is hoping to find out as he attempts to sell a second hand coffin this weekend at the Horror-on-Sea film festival in Southend, Essex.
The silk lined coffin was previously used as a prop in the cult vampire feature film 'The Vampires of Bloody Island' in which he starred alongside his wife Pamela Kempthorne. In the film, the coffin was the favoured sleeping place of the evil vampiress Morticia de'Ath, played by Pamela. Since the film though, the coffin has found a new lease of life in the Kempthorne's hallway as a cupboard.

Allin Kempthorne explains:
"We decided to hold on to the coffin after filming as we had quite a Gothic feel to our house and thought it would be a lovely talking point. For ages we kept it in our front porchway, but it used to freak out the post man and delivery drivers. Our local Chinese takeaway refused to deliver to us after their delivery man saw it standing by the door and nervously asked "Why do you have a coffin in your doorway?". I answered, somewhat wittily I thought "Well I've got to keep my mother's body somewhere!", but he ran off and we never got our meal that night!"

So who does Allin think might want to buy his second hand coffin?
He says:
"I suppose it might go to a horror fan as a coffee table or a cupboard. People have actually slept in it when we've had friends round, but there's not a lot of room in there. It's more designed for people who don't move very much! It's likely a fan of 'The Vampires of Bloody Island' might like to own it as a piece of cult film memorabilia. Or it could go as a prop to another film maker or a theatre show. Do I think someone would want to buy it to bury a loved one? Well, it's possible I suppose. Although they'll probably want to clean it first. It was made to look aged and cobwebbed for the film.
A new coffin costs £600 or more. We're selling this one for under £200. That's a bargain. Even with the blood stains!
We've sold a few other props from the film before through, so we thought they'd be the ideal people to sell the coffin. After all, where else would you expect to buy a vampire's coffin than from the Vampire Shop?"

The coffin is being sold by on their stall at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival which runs from the 17th to the 19th of January in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. They will also of course be selling autographed copies of The Vampires of Bloody Island.


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Allin Kempthorne
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Allin Kempthorne with the used coffin he hopes to sell.
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The coffin as seen in the film The Vampires of Bloody Island with Pamela Kempthorne as Vampiress Morticia de'Ath.
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